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UTS's Solar division provides alternative forms of renewable energy by providing services ranging from solar inverter design and production to Engineering, procurement and Constructions of solar power plants.

Our strength in design of embedded systems and power electronics is one of the biggest asset to provide customizable solutions.
UTS being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, follows standard procedures in solar plants construction and maintainance.
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Under an EPC contract, we designs the installation, procures the necessary materials and builds the project, either directly or by of the work. We take up the 1MW and above turnkey power plant EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction). As an EPC expert we follow the below mentioned approach to complete the projects as per the commitment given to clients. We also operate and maintain (O & M) the power plants as per the agreements made during the award of contract.
Site survey, Calculating solar resource, Estimating capacity requirements & developing conceptual design, Estimation of energy yield.
System design outline, Technology selection, Developing financial model & cost-benefit analysis, Inverter electrical integrations and civil foundation designs, Estimation of the DC and AC Cable lengths and design of protection equipment required for the plant synchronization with grid.
Preparing the project scheduling charts as per the dispatch dates given by the material manufacturers.
Making the land fit for installing the solar power plant by levelling the unequal areas and removing the shade causing obstacles.
Communicating with the material suppliers from time to time for getting the material to site to complete the work
Monitoring the structure erection for mounting the panels as per the design to complete in time as per the scheduling chart.
Quality check work will be carried out for each and every material after getting from the manufacturer and ensuring the warranty periods for it.
Mounting panels on the structure, inverter installation, laying the DC  & AC cables and installation of the substation (HT/LT panels, Transformers, Meters, etc).
Electrical integration between the solar panels and inverter, inverter and the electrical grid integration.
Reasons for choosing us as an EPC contractor:
Reduced stress for owner
Easy work and growth of the company.
Single point of contact for owner simplifies communications.
Ready availability of post-commissioning services
Ensures quality and reduces practical issues faced in other ways.
Owner protected against changing prices for materials, labour, etc.
Cost is known at the start of the project

A Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) is a contract between two parties, one who generates electricity for the purpose of sale (the seller) and one who is looking to purchase electricity (the buyer). It defines all of the commercial terms for the sale of electricity between the two parties, including when the project will begin commercial operation, schedule for delivery of electricity, penalties for under delivery, payment terms, and termination.
Application filing: This is the basic step for getting allotment from the government. We provide consultancy for filing pre application for Solar PV power generation project to government department in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. We provide complete education on step to step guidelines and format of documents to be filed with pre application to sure getting invited for application submission for respective category in the solar policy.

Application Submission: actual application submission is the second step toward getting allotment. It is also important to attach right documents required to be submitted along with the application in certain format and details.
PPA Allotment: This is a complete government process. If filed by us, with right application process follow-up from department to department ensures certain allotment in most cases from government. Beside once allotment approved, we provide complete help for PPA signing with Distribution Company of the Government.
Payment collection: Once project initiated, we will help you set up process to apply, receive payment notes, from relevant department of Government and most important get timely payment every month by perfecting coordination within different functions of Government.
2. Solar Project Implementation Under REC (Renewable Energy Certificate Scheme):
REC is based on two financial components. One, sale of REC certificate and second sale of electricity to third party, Government entity or for captive use. There are mainly four steps involved in installing solar power generation project under REC scheme of CERC.
Accreditation: This is state Process. Developer submits all paper to relevant State nodal agency asking for accreditation of his solar project.
Registration: Once project get accredited by state, developer has to get project registered at CERC.
Issuance: once project commissioned, recording of power generation been conveyed to NLDC and based on that reading CERC issues one REC certificate per MW of renewable power produced in the developers solar power project
Trading and Redemption: Developer can take REC certificate to open exchange for redemption of the certificate.

3. Solar Project Commissioning
After full and final implementation of the solar power project, Developer has to ask state nodal agency, chief electric inspector general office to verify, approve and certify the installation. This Certifying authority designates the official to make personal visit and inspect the site against all rules, regulation laid out part of the underlying policy against which Developer has signed the PPA with government. This designated official inspect all aspect of the site, record all information specifically power meter reading of the solar plant and prepares report to the higher authority in the office. Based on the report Director issues a commissioning certificate to the developer which he can present to the financial arm of the energy department and open an energy account with the state.
1. Solar Projects Implementation under PPA
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