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UTS offers wide range of products in RADAR, SONAR, SDR, Wireless Communications, Telemetry and Beam forming. Some of the state of the art products/ Solutions developed by UTS includes Digital radio frequency Memory (DRFM) based RADAR target simulator, RADAR Signal simulator, Telemetry signal simulator,RADAR Beam forming Simulator, AD9361  based  Zynq 3U VPX card (SDR), 125 MSPS ADC & DAC card , 500 MSPS ADC card, 1.5GSPS DAC card, Digital RF Memory (DRFM) based digital Zynq module,RF UP/DOWN Converters, Direction finding systems, TDOA sensors Integrated Telemetry Solutions, OFDM & QAM based modulators and Demodulator IP Cores, Beam forming IP core & SDR IP suite. UTS products take best out of the latest FPGA/GPU/CPU technologies to offer improved features compared to legacy processor based products.
UTS being ISO 9001:2015 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
           EW Training Simulators
Unifying Software & Hardware


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Radar Operator Training Simulator

UTS Radar Operator Training Simulator (ROTS) is a single integrated hardware and software solution for training the radar operator for an effective learning experience as in real time operation. It is loaded with enough features including multiple target simulation, Doppler, ECM jamming and more.


COMINT Operator Training Simulator

COMINT Operator Training Simulator is a cost effective solution to train military SIGNINT and COMINT personnel, by means of generating different Low Probability of interception (LPI) waveforms, frequency and time hopping techniques, wide band signals such as T1, T2,T3,E1,E2 and E3 etc. the operator can use predefined emitters to generate the scenario.
Contact ewip@unistring.com for more details.

UTS EW training simulators are cost effective way of training  EW (Radar, ELINT, COMINT,SIGNINT) operators by providing realistic scenarios under non hazardous conditions for mission planning and to coordinate other EW operators. All the possible waveforms and targets with different features can be simulated and also used for classroom training.